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We get you in front of the right people at the right time and back it up with highly analytical data driven approach, which yields better returns on investments.

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Digital Campaigns becomes extremely result driven when strategically planned. We at MTLB are extremely focused on delivering that experience and excellent execution to help your brand & company optimize campaigns within your budget.

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Who We are?

We’re not a big advertising agency, nor a small one. We’re a close knitted team of consultants, who understand the realms of marketing, love research as much as creativity and are committed to executing result-driven solutions.

We boast of a spirited, young and passionate team of people who bring together their expertise and experience in varied fields of marketing including design, content, technology, strategy, research, analytics, sales, management and clients relationships.

What We do?

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we are serious about delivering measurable results.

From campaign measurement reports to advanced data and statistics to testing strategies, we constantly monitor and measure our strategic, creative recommendations to ensure we produce the results clients want and need. That calculated, data-driven thinking coupled with strong experience and a fully integrated, layered, tactical approach positions our campaigns to engage people and generate results.

Your Success is our Business

Are you are looking for someone to drive your digital campaigns?

PPC Strategy

We strive to create a unique PPC campaign that’s right for you and will help your business or individual enterprise stand out.

SOur Services


Implementation of PPC campaigns for various levels. We will help you with building out your existing campaigns, or establishing accounts at new networks if identified.

Keywords Research

In order to target your services & products, we conduct ample keyword research to create ad groups and themed campaigns for relevant search phrases.

Content Marketing

We help you establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry with the help of strategically placed curated content.

Display Campaigns

Use display advertising to connect with the most engaged audiences at the right moment. With the aid of rich media, we ensure high visibility and effective campaigns.


Our team creates extensive remarketing lists at each step so that we know exactly where in the conversion funnel did the customer leave and hence retarget consumers based on their recent interaction.

Social Campaigns

Our campaign specialists realize the value of social marketing to drive discovery. Using social platforms our campaign managers ensure that we get you the deserved attention.


Using analytics and tags our team of analysts are able to better optimize your ad spends and hence ensure that every penny you spend on marketing budgets is well utilized.

Some Fun Numbers

% Lower cost Per Conversion Compared to Traditional

% More Viewership in digital over print in age group 22 to 40

% Less cost per conversion if using analytics to optimize campaigns

% Rise in Digital Spend In the last Few years


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12 October
Hiring Professionals
MTLB 3 comments

With easy access to DM tools online, you may have the freedom to err and learn, but are the lost time, money and recourses worth it? Instead, why not brief a professional team who will be expertly able to gauge your current digital status and requirements and make the right changes in the online strategy (or create a new one, if need be) to secure tangible results and improve performance considerably.

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14 October
Data Driven Digital Consulting

An eCommerce portal that was performing poorly, with an acquisition of 235 clients only, making meagre revenues of INR 16,79,640 between January 2014 and 2015. The portal was losing out sales to competition. How MTLB help the client Analyse Interpret and move forward with the data in hand.

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10 September
Client Speak
MTLB 13 comments

Fortis is one of our dearest clients. They are open to ideas and trust us with their brand positioning and communication. Every brief from Fortis is a new opportunity for us to experiment, learn and grow as a creative and strategic team. The brand has reaped sweet results, which has further encourages us to perform better!

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MTLB will ensure you reach your customers not just physically but through a well-maintained website presence. We ensure our clients get the best for ever penny spent.


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